Private Instruction

"Our son David grew up in Brandon's guitar lesson--every week for eight years, they would get together to work on fingering, chords, new licks, and Life.  Brandon helped a curiosity about the guitar take root and in the process, provided a safe, yet cool, place to talk, to jam, to explore music.  Quitting lessons with Brandon was maybe David's only regret about going away to college!"

-Katherine B

"I have been studying under Brandon for almost a year -- though I have been playing since before he was born, I have so much to learn from him.  The mix of theory and practical song learning is the perfect pedagogical blend.  He is such a patient teacher that if I were one of his better students who practiced over the week what he teaches me in a day, other people would say I was really good.... but all the credit would go to Brandon."

-Hugh R  

"We tried a number of guitar teachers for my son before we found Brandon. The others tended to be disorganized, didn't give him music to practice between lessons, and didn't seem to have any overarching teaching plan. Brandon is extremely organized, reliable, has a good rapport with my son, gives him exercises and songs to practice, has him keep a notebook of "assignments" and a binder of his music, sends MP3s for him to work with, and progressively builds my son's skills, including doing an amazing job of teaching him rhythm, which I didn't even think could be learned. Brandon also is very receptive to parent and student questions/requests/feedback."

-Amy S

"Brandon has been very effective in teaching me theory and musicianship while keeping it interesting and fun.  I think one thing that makes him effective as a teacher is his ability to communicate and tailor difficult material to the student no matter what level the student happens to be working at.  At the same time he conveys a sense of mastery over his material with an easy going manner that inspires trust but is never intimidating.  I have been taking lessons from him for four years and it keeps getting more interesting and challenging as I advance.  And he is responsive when I have emailed him questions in between lessons or in sending additional material via email.  I feel that I am getting a top notch teacher with Brandon."

-Fred A

"Weekly lessons with Brandon are awesome!"

-Jordon L (age 14)

"Brandon's the best!  I started taking guitar lessons with him about 3 years ago at the youthful age of 54.  His patience and extraordinary teaching ability have been tremendous.  He never tires of my questions and keeps pushing me to take on greater challenges with each lesson building on itself.  I have such a greater appreciation of music and the skill required to produce quality sound thanks to Brandon's tutelage.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning the guitar or improving on their existing skills!"

-Robert P

Group Lessons

"The beginners group guitar lessons I took with Brandon was perfect for me.  The weekly classes had just the right amount of information, not being too overwhelming or too slow.  I looked forward to going to class every week and getting home to practice our new chord, strum pattern or song!  Brandon is a very knowledgeable instructor and taught with patience and ease.  He gave individual attention when needed and has a passion for what he does.  I was so pleased with the beginner's course that I signed up for level 2!"

-Jennifer H

"I took Brandon's beginner guitar group lesson, and it was a fantastic experience! The weekly one hour sessions are a great introduction to playing the guitar. Perfect to "get your feet wet!" The one on one sessions are great too! Excellent for the motivated student to learn new concepts in a half hour session!"

-Godfrey C