FAQ from parents


Q: What do I need to bring to my son/daughter's first lesson.

A: Just a guitar. And if you don't have one yet you can borrow one from the store. 


Q: Why not teach children younger than 10? 

A: It's been my experience that students younger than 10 have a hard time getting notes to ring out as well as a difficulty remaining focused for the 30 minute lesson. 


Q: How often do students have lessons? 

A: All of my younger students have weekly 30 minute lessons held at the same time each week.  Many of my adult students see me every other week at times which are convenient for both parties.


Q: How much should my child practice?  

A: For my youngest students I recommend a minimum of 15 minutes,  4 days a week.  That amount of time is slowly bumped up so that the student is practicing a minimum of 30 minutes, 4 days a week. I supply practice charts that can be put up on the fridge to help parents and the student keep track of how much they are practicing.  I highly recommend, and will frequently discuss with students, finding realistic practice days where the student can get into a routine: "Oh, it's Tuesday:  After I finish my homework I practice the guitar."


FAQ from students


Q: What are your strengths as a teacher? 

A: Getting the absolute beginner playing music and getting the intermediate player up to the next level of playing which often involves mapping out the fretboard and understanding chord/scale relationships. Also, for all levels and styles, improvisation.


Q: Which styles of music are you most comfortable playing and teaching? 

A: Classic American rock, pop, jazz, folk, funk, and blues.   


Q: Do you teach classical or flamenco? 

A: No. These are wonderful styles of music but I'm not the guy to go to to learn them. 


Q: Do you teach primarily with a pick? 

A: Yes, however I have a lot of experience teaching fingerpicking within the folk, rock, pop worlds. 


Q: How much do I as a student get to direct the song and style choices? 

A: I give a lot of freedom once it's clear that you have a strong understanding of musical concepts and can play a lot of different chords and strum patterns.