For Private Instruction


Payment will be given at the first lesson of the month for all the scheduled lessons of the month. Payment is only for the lessons the student plans on coming to. Payment can be in the form of cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo. My PayPal and Venmo handles are my email address: If using PayPal please send payment as a “friend” so that I avoid fees.

Please give me a 24-hour notice to cancel a lesson. For example, if the lesson is at 2:30 on Tuesday, I must receive a call/text/email by 2:30 on Monday. When a 24-hour notice is given the student has the opportunity to reschedule a make up lesson within the month. When I cancel a lesson the paid lesson rolls over into the next month.

-How Lessons Work

Instruction will be given during the lesson on what to work on and how best to work on it. The student will practice the material during the week. At the next lesson we will assess the progress and I’ll provide further instruction on how to proceed or I’ll present new material.

If it’s clear that the student is not practicing at home I will bring it up the with the student or contact a parent to discuss. Of course things come up and some weeks are better than others but the norm should be regular practice and improvement.

-How Much To Practice

Ages 10-12: in the beginning practicing is usually just playing each song a few times a day which can mean only 5-10 minutes of practice. The goal is to get into a routine and to build up stamina.

For ages 12 and up, try to practice 2 hours a week. A good start would be 30 minute sessions, 4 days a week. Find days that work, find a space that is distraction free, and try to get into a routine.

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