Monday evenings 6:15-7:10 and 7:15-8:15

Tuesday evenings 7:15-8:15

Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:15

Lessons held at Clocktower Music at 676 Laurel St. San Carlos.

Classes run 9 weeks, are an hour long, with no more than 10 students per class.

Cost: $190.

The group classes are for adults only.

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Description Of Levels


Total Beginner Class

If you've never even held a guitar or taken a music lesson but have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar then this is the class for you.

What you'll learn:  the basics of simple guitar notation (tablature, chord diagrams, and rhythms.), how to tune the guitar, how to cultivate good technique, chords, strum patterns, and easy songs that sound good and provide a strong foundation for future musical growth.

Songs: A Horse With No Name, Anyone Else But You, Blues in A, and Stand By Me.

Level 1A Class

Who is this class for? Anyone who already knows a few songs, basic strum patterns, and the following chords: Em, A7, D7, E7, G, C, and D.  Students coming into this class should be comfortable reading chord diagrams, basic tablature, and strum patterns.

What you'll learn: The "tie" in strum patterns, 3/4 time, the Am, Asus2, A chords.

 Songs: You Ain't Going Nowhere, Free Fallin', Jambalaya, The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald.

Level 1B Class

What you'll learn: 16th note strum patterns, faster paced songs, and more chords.

Songs: Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Bad Moon Rising, For What It's Worth, and more.

Level 2 Classes

More complex chords, strum patterns, slides, the hammer-on, bass runs, single note intros, the "boom-chuck" rhythm, and more.

Level 3 Classes

More complex chords and strum patterns.  Barre chords, mini chords up the neck, greater single note activity and how to play more percussively.

Level 4 Classes

These are advanced classes that cover songs that have many different techniques (strumming, fingerpicking, playing single note lines.)



Themes (Level 2 and up)


All Beatles

All Willie Nelson

All Paul Simon

All Tom Petty

Country Guitar

Rock and Pop

Playing Around The Campfire 

In these classes, offered during the summer, the emphasis is on singing along while playing.  Singing is not required but it is encouraged. Unlike the other classes there is little emphasis on technique or new concepts.  This one is very popular.


Intros, outros, simple melodies, and how to play different parts in a group setting.  You'll learn how to incorporate slides, hammer-ons, and other techniques.

American Roots Music

Arrangements of early blues, folk, and country tunes with intros, lead licks, and outros. Singing and taking solos is encouraged but not required.

Example of songs: St. James Infirmary, Mama Don't You Tear My Clothes, Alberta, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, and many more.


The basics of fingerpicking using folk, country, blues, and pop music.

Theory Classes

Various topics are introduced in these classes.  Want to know why this chord sounds good with that chord but not that other chord?  Want to know the relationship between chords and scales?  Take one of these classes.

Technique Classes 

In these classes we focus on developing certain techniques like improving single note speed and accuracy or how to cross pick.  These are often short intensive classes.


Not sure what class would be a good fit for you? Contact me and we'll figure it out or, better yet, schedule a private lesson so I can hear you and more confidently suggest the best class for you.